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Introduction to Amanda Martin

I write ProofofLeadership to explore the science and practice of leadership development and am currently completing a PhD focusing on leadership development.

How I came to be interested in leadership and organisational development

Developing great leaders and organisations has been the foundation of my work over the past 20 years. I have particularly focused on building the capability of leaders, recognising the influence they have on the performance of organisations at all levels, from the experience of individuals to the delivery of results.

Engaging organisational transformation: As a senior executive I have worked with CEOs to deliver executive development strategies and organisational transformation strategies for the Health, Education, Non-Profit and Finance sectors, as well as for federal and state governments in Australia. With a background in organisational development, I have designed and implemented new organisational structures; culture change and engagement strategies; and facilitated the development of strategy at ExCo level.

Measuring executive development impact: because of the importance of understanding how the investment in development adds value to organisations, I also work in partnership with clients to track long-term business results. Using customised methodologies, we identify the individual leader is contributing more to organisational culture and engagement, collaboration and social capital, as well as enterprise capital and business results post-development, particularly in complex and disruptive business environments.

Developing executives: I have extensive experience in designing development programs delivered to more than 10,000 leaders across all sectors and globally. For me, using science and evidence-based research to inform executive development is fundamental, as is understanding how executives really learn, what capabilities they need to develop and what their role is in transforming organisations for people and results. As well as designing programs, I also facilitate development and am an executive coach.

Clients have included: Nestlé Malaysia and Singapore, Accenture, Orica, VIVA Energy, Commonwealth Life Indonesia, NAB, BHP Billiton, Manulife, Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre, St John New Zealand, the Australian Institute of Sport, Department of Education and Training Queensland, ENGIE Australia, Department of Defence Australia, PETRONAS as well as the Cape York Leadership Program; the Queensland Public Sector Executive Development Strategy; the Department of Education Queensland; the Department of Transport, Victoria.

My PhD studies are focused on leadership development practice in Australia and globally.


Amanda Martin

This blog reflects my PhD learning and thinking, and should not be seen as representing the views of Melbourne Business School.

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